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Hey I'm Ryan Scollon.

A Freelance PPC Consultant.

Lead generation PPC specialists across Google & Microsoft, turning clicks into customers & maximising your ROI. Over 10 years of experience & more than 450 successful PPC projects under our belt.

Ryan Scollon - Freelance PPC Consultant

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How Can We Help You?

Our flagship lead generation PPC service doesn’t just fuel your growth, but flexes with it too. Turn leads into revenue with proven PPC management expertise.

Get a snapshot of where you are with your PPC right now, and reveal how to improve your performance for the near and long-term future. 

Success with PPC doesn’t have to be limited to the biggest budgets. A small business lead gen service, designed for ad spends up to £3,000 per month.

Conversions come in all shapes and sizes.

We target the ones that your business needs.

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"...managed to identify both low-hanging fruits and important tactics that helped us improve performance pretty fast"

David Odier

Launch Mappers

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ryan to anybody who is looking for a results-focused, cost efficient PPC expert"

Dave Mobbs

Orbis Protect

"We’re happy knowing our account is getting looked after. Our enquiries have increased including conversions to bookings"

Becky Bosman

The Lost Village of Dode

PPC Only.

Lead Gen Only.

Yes that's right, we only do PPC, specifically Google Ads & Bing Ads. Want one better? We only work with businesses that need to generate leads.

So if you have an e-commerce store, or you're looking for some help with social ads, that's not for us. We’ve chosen to perfect this single craft so we can become true experts.

Google Ads PPC Consultant
Bing Ads PPC Consultant

Get Ready For Results

Our clients get tangible outcomes, not empty promises.

Good for your bottom line, even better for your growth.


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Struggling With These Issues?

If your PPC campaigns aren’t performing, it could be down to a number of issues. Here are the most common reasons I come across during my PPC audits


Are you bidding on the right keywords? Or are you wasting your budget on keywords that are unlikely to convert into buyers?


Is your account riddled with low quality scores? This could result in higher costs for each click & lower ad positions.


Are your ads showing for terms you don’t want to appear for? Use negative keywords to reduce wasted clicks.


Tracking conversions is essential for campaign optimisation. This includes phone calls, form submissions & more.


Are your ads just as boring as your competitors? Stand out from the crowd with USP focused ads to drive more traffic.


Are your ads not showing all the time? They could be limited by budget due to wasted clicks or lack of budget.

Why Work With Us?

Every day. Every hour. Every minute. People are searching for the product or service that you provide.

Let’s make sure yours is the business they find.

Specialists in PPC lead generation

Over a decade of experience in search marketing

More than 450 successful projects under my belt

Working with clients across the UK, US & EU

Sectors We Rock In

These are just a few of the industries that we have achieved exceptional results for.

How Do We Work?

If you build it, they will come. Or so the saying goes. But first, your customers need to know that you exist. We are the UK’s only PPC specialist devoted to lead generation.

Our mission is to use PPC to drive a steady stream of targeted leads – the right leads – to your business. So you can unlock recurring revenue, scale up your PPC budget and move smartly towards your growth targets. Let’s go.

Our 3 Step Process



We take the time to understand your business, audit your current campaigns & discuss your challenges & goals.



We put together a plan of action, tailored to your business needs, goals and budgets.



We put our plan into action - cleaning up your account or creating new campaigns. Then we can test, assess & optimise weekly.

Book Your Free 20 Minute Call

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