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Detailed, Actionable

PPC Audit Service

Our in-depth Google Ads audits, completed by a certified consultant, not an algorithm – leaves you with a comprehensive insight into your PPC campaigns.

Completed by humans, not robots

Fixed price, regardless of account size

Working with clients across the world


Covers More Than 50 Elements:

Account & campaign settings

Keywords & match types

Text ads & ad extensions

Landing pages

Conversion tracking

Display & Remarketing campaigns

Not Happy? Money Back Guarantee

We Get Results

Here are just a few examples of how we help our clients to use PPC more smartly, driving towards their ambitions as a business.

ppc audit case study 2

Clean Up & Scale

After an initial audit and ongoing monthly management, this account is seeing growth in conversions while keeping wastage to a minimum.

ppc audit case study 3

Match Type & Search Term Clean Up

Steady, consistent growth in conversions while drastically reducing the number of clicks (and associated cost) for a more efficient use of ad spend.

ppc audit case study 1

Reducing Cost/Conv, Maintaining Volume

Our goal was to reduce cost per conversion while maintaining conversion volume. We went one better and reduced cost per conversion while increasing conversion volume.

Ryan Scollon

Hey, I’m Ryan. The founder of RS & Co and the PPC consultant behind the substantial results above.

I've audited 400+ PPC accounts over the last 10 years, so I know a little bit about getting PPC campaigns to work at their best.


"Ryan produced a thorough and detailed audit and review of our current PPC account"

Mhairi Nisbet


"Ryan is a great specialist resource who provides us with practical advice on our search campaigns"

Tom Johnson-Sabine

Voyage Travel Marketing

"The audit was completed quickly and yielded some very practical and intelligent recommendations"

Simon Stocks

Loop Energy

Getting Started

3 Easy Steps


Book Your Audit

Following a discussion about your target audience, strategic ambitions and challenges, we will get your audit booked in.


Audit Completion

A comprehensive audit will be carried within five working days. We will then deliver the audit, with an itemised list of things to fix or improve


Audit Review

We will present the audit to you, taking you through the findings over a phone call or video call and making a structured recovery plan.

Who Can Benefit From A PPC Audit?

For every business, it makes sense to get a fresh pair of expert eyes on your PPC once in a while. But if any of the following ring true, it’s time to book your audit as soon as you can.

Working with an agency but not happy with the results?

We know how things work with agencies. You get all the fuss as the shiny new client. Then the relationship cools as the agency fawns over the next wave of new business. It’s why many client-agency relationships fizzle out within six months or so. And your PPC campaigns fall by the wayside – starved of the careful attention they need to perform at their best.

Managing the account yourself but hit a wall with your time/knowledge?

It requires precision. Experimentation. Careful thought. No doubt PPC is a science. One that can unlock a lucrative revenue stream for your business. Yet too many businesses rush to get started and then lose faith when the results don’t come. With over 350 projects in our portfolio, we know how to focus on the individual mechanics of effective PPC.

Has your account been unmanaged and left to gather dust?

The first priority is to get you back up and running again. We will take over the account, complete an audit, clean up the issues and proactively manage your account – extracting the value from your existing data start driving the right results faster.

Money Back Guarantee Icon

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you see no improvement in PPC performance following the changes suggested from my PPC audit, I'll refund you every penny, guaranteed.

Have Questions?

Take a look at our FAQs. If your question isn’t answered, get in touch and we will get back to you within one working day.

How quickly will I receive the audit?

We will complete a comprehensive audit within five working days.

Can I see an example of the audit?

Click here to see a teaser preview of our PPC audit checklist.

Remember, this is just a preview. The full audit that you pay for will have over 65 elements across 7 categories along with a 'to do' list with additional notes.

Can I purchase more than one PPC audit?

Yes, of course. Please note that each audit is per Google Ads account.

Who will perform the audit?

Our audits are carried out in-house by me, Ryan Scollon, an experienced PPC consultant. We don’t outsource them to agencies or third party consultants. And we certainly don’t use AI software, which is only good for a surface-level overview of your account.

Can you look into a specific issue with my PPC?

Yes, we can. While we follow a structured audit process, we can narrow our focus in a specific area if there’s a particular problem you are trying to resolve.

Can you help implementing the fixes?

Of course. Once the audit is complete we will present our findings and recommendations over a phone call or video call.

You will receive an itemised list of how to implement the advice, or you can ask us to provide a quote for taking care of everything for you.

Do you audit shopping/ecommerce campaigns?

Unfortunately not, we focus on search and display for lead generation campaigns only.

3 Most Common PPC Mistakes

Working as a PPC consultant for the past decade, I’ve learned that most performance-killing mistakes boil down to the basics. After auditing 450+ Google Ads accounts, I’ve noticed that almost ALL of them are making the same 3 mistakes...

Wasting vital budget on underperforming locations, demographics & devices.

Not including USPs or social proof in the ad copy or landing pages.

Allowing broad match keywords to run wild without adding negative keywords.

Ready To Fix Your Campaigns?

There’s no commitment with our PPC audits. It’s a one-off health check that will give you a snapshot of where you are with your PPC right now, and how to improve for the future.

Not Happy? Guaranteed refund.