5 Simple Tips For A Killer Call To Action

Published On 12 Jan, 2022

Frustrated Consumer

Your Google Ads campaigns only make up a portion of your PPC performance, so don’t underestimate the power behind a good landing page with a strong call to action. I’ve audited over 400 different PPC accounts and one of the most overlooked things is the landing page. They are often slow loading with poor quality content, finished off with a painfully complicated contact form.

Follow these 5 simple steps below to make sure your call to action (CTA) drives leads instead of scaring users away.


Stick To One CTA

Having different CTAs all on one landing page can lead to analysis paralysis and confusion for the visitor. Decide which CTA is the most important and stick to that, whether it’s a ‘get in touch’ form, sign up, download a lead magnet, or book a demo.

A study from Unbounce showed that pages with one clear call-to-action converted at 13.5%, whereas pages with 2-4 call to actions only converted 11.9% of visitors. This statistic shows that it really pays to guide your customers towards one specific call to action.


Consider A Softer CTA

Are you asking too much of your users? Depending on the keywords that you are targeting, it might be worth considering a softer CTA.

For example, if you are targeting the top of the funnel keywords (i.e. users still at the research stage), it might be a bit much to expect them to sign up or book a demo. You may want to offer a lead magnet (i.e. brochure or case study) as there’s not as much commitment required.

Likewise, if you are targeting the bottom of the funnel keywords (i.e. users are looking for a product/service), you’d be wasting your opportunity by offering them a lead magnet and instead should focus on getting them to sign up or enquire.


Make Your CTA Easy To Complete

Users are becoming more and more impatient, so make sure you hand it to them on a plate. Instead of having a button that takes them to a different page to fill out a form, embed the form directly on the landing page.

If you are using a form, make sure you don’t have too many fields for them to fill out. A user is much more likely to fill out a form with 4 fields as opposed to 15 fields.
If you are offering a lead magnet, make sure they get access to the asset without having to go back to their emails to download it.

Consider asking friends or family members to test your landing page and CTA to see if they can complete the process smoothly.

A recent study found that the highest-converting number of fields is three. The same study also found that landing pages with sign-up forms asking for personal information like name, gender, or date of birth have the worst conversion rates.


Address Doubts

As users scroll down your landing page, questions will start to form questions in their heads. Make sure your landing page addresses those questions and doubts, otherwise, your chances of a conversion will decrease.

One good trick is to include small bullet points directly below your CTA to encourage users. See highlighted in red below:


Basecamp Website Example


Here are a few examples that you could use:

  • Sign up in just 2 minutes
  • No credit card required
  • Money back guarantee
  • 7 day free trial


Match Your Ads & Landing Page

If you are including your CTA in your ad messaging, make sure it matches what you are offering on your landing page. There have been a handful of occasions where I have clicked on an ad that says ‘download our free brochure’ only to land on the page with no brochure insight.

So there we have it, 5 simple tips to improve your call to action. Need some expert help with your landing page? Book a landing page roast with Olly.

Freelance PPC Consultant

Ryan Scollon is the founder of Ryan Scollon & Co. He has been helping brands grow their business through PPC & Google Ads since 2013. You can often find his insights quoted in publications like The Independent, SEMrush, Search Engine Roundtable, WordPress, Monday.com, Lunio, Being Freelance Podcast & many more. Connect with Ryan on Twitter & Linkedin.

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